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MeLCat Users Day 2013

MeLCat Users Day will be held on November 14th at the Best Western Plus in South Lansing. (MeLCat old-timers will remember it from its former incarnations as the Causeway Bay or Holiday Inn South). We hope you will join us!

We have worked hard to make this years MeLCat Users day much more interactive. We read and re-read the feedback from years past and have incorporated those suggestions into our breakout session plans for the day. We think that this will be a very fun AND informative day.

In order to be sure that the topics you want to discuss are covered over the course of the day, we will be using Poll Everywhere to tailor the Resource Sharing Forum to meet your needs. Bring your mobile device so that you can vote! No smartphone or tablet required - any phone that can text will do the trick. A few laptops will be available for those without devices who want to vote on the topics.

Lots of choices plus a MeLCat Scavenger Hunt!

MeLCat Users Day 2013 Agenda

Please note that Wi-Fi is available. Bring your mobile device!

9:00 am Registration

9:30 am Welcome (including a Year in Review and logistics for the day)
This years MeLCat Users Day is designed to be much more interactive than in years past. We will explain all of the ins and outs in this opening session. Be prepared for a MeLCat Scavenger Hunt and a new approach to the Resource Sharing Forum.

10:00 am Pack-Off - Packaging competition between participants.
Best practices and iffy practices for sending materials through RIDES. Volunteer to show people how to do it right!

10:20 am Delivery
We have seen a lot of changes in RIDES in the last few months. Sue Alt will talk about a wide range of RIDES topics. Come with your questions and suggestions for improvements.

11:00 am Break/Polling
Help decide the topics for the Resource Sharing Forum! We will be using Poll Everywhere ( to decide the discussion priorities for the session.

11:10 am Breakout sessions
1. RDA and MeLCat (or, the Wonderful World of Record Matching)
2. MeLCat Processing - Best Practices and Known Issues for Millennium and Sierra Libraries
3. MeLCat Processing - Best Practices and Known Issues for DCB Libraries
4. Inheriting MeLCat: What You Need to Know When You Become the New MeLCat Worker at your Library

12:00 pm Lunch (included in registration)

1:00 pm Resource Sharing Forum
Always a popular session, the Resource Sharing Forum is your chance to raise MeLCat policy concerns, ask questions and make suggestions. Topics are up to you!

2:15 pm Cookies

2:30 pm Whats New/Whats Next (and MeLCat Scavenger Hunt prizes!)

3:30 pm Adjourn

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