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Copy cataloging of monographs using RDA (Online Workshop)

Here is your chance to work with RDA (Resource Description and Access)while learning the fundamentals of copy cataloging of monographs. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore the foundations behind RDA, the tools included in the RDA Toolkit and leave with a better understanding of how to transition from AACR2 to RDA. You will learn the essentials of copy cataloging, key MARC tags, basic authority control and why it is important, and where to find good MARC records. Among the topics discussed will be the chief source of information, physical description, primary access point, and the choice of additional access points. Participants will learn the appropriate MARC fixed and variable fields for books, and will study the relationships among these fields. Several MARC record examples will be examined, and a number of hands-on copy cataloging exercises will be included. The booklet for this workshop contains an RDA Workflow providing the relevant RDA rules, the Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements and MARC coding information. The OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards will also be used.

Please note that this is a general copy cataloging course and questions regarding specific local systems will NOT be covered.

This class will be online for 3 - 2 hour sessions over 3 consecutive days using our online workshop software. All registered attendees will receive additional login information a few days prior to the first class date.

This workshop has been approved for six (6) General Library Education Units (LEUs).

Workshop Topic: Cataloging

MARC: An Introduction workshop (or working knowledge of MARC), a working knowledge of basic RDA principles. Access to the RDA Toolkit is helpful but not required.

System Requirements

WebEx supports the following:
Operating Systems:
Windows 2000, XP (SP3), 2003 Server, Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit, 2008 Server 64-bit (all need a minimum Intel or AMD processor, JavaScript and cookies enabled and Active X enabled (unblocked for IE is recommended) Sun Java 5 or later)
Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7 (all need a minimum Intel processor, JavaScript and cookies enabled and Apple Java 5 or later)
Linux Ubuntu 10x, Red Hat 5, 6, Open SuSE 11.3, 11.4, Fedora 13, 14 (all 32-bit) (all need a minimum Intel or AMD processor, JavaScript and cookies enabled, and Sun Java 5 or later, libstdc++ 6.0, GNOME/KDE windowing system)
Solaris 10, 11 OpenSolaris (x86) (all need a minimum UltraSPARC or Intel or AMD processor, JavaScript and cookies enabled, and Sun Java 5 or later, CDE windowing system)
HP-UX 11.11 (all need a minimum RA-RISC processor, JavaScript and cookies enabled, and Sun Java 5 or later, CDE windowing system)
AIX 5.3 (all need a minimum PowerPC processor, JavaScript and cookies enabled, IBM Java 5 or later, CDE windowing system

Internet Browsers:
Internet Explorer 6.x+, Firefox 3.x+, Mozilla 1.7, Safari 4, 5.0, Chrome 11, 12, 13

Sound card and speakers

High speed wired internet connection

Prices listed are per person. If you are interested in having multiple staff members attend an online workshop at a single location (e.g. a conference room), we are now offering a group rate of $249 for MCLS members and $349 for non-MCLS members. This rate will give you a single login that you will be able to use to login to one computer station. If you would like to register a group for an online workshop, please contact Heather Ladiski at

It is highly recommended that all registrants register for online workshops at least SEVEN DAYS PRIOR to the workshop date. If you register after that, you must additionally send an email to stating that you registered passed the deadline. You will receive a general email confirmation immediately upon successfully registering for an online workshop. All registered attendees will receive an additional email with WebEx login information a few days prior to the 1st class date. If you do not receive an invitation to the meeting by noon of the day prior, please email

Audio for this workshop will only be available via Voice Over IP. You may communicate with the instructor and other participants via text chat.


 This course is not currently scheduled.