MCLS Cataloging Certification Program

Heather Ladiski ladiskih@mcls.org ext. 133

MCLS Cataloging Certification Program

The MCLS Cataloging Certification Program provides you with an opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills, to learn new technologies, and to demonstrate your overall competence in the library field. Under this Certification Program, you can work toward earning Certificates of Library Staff Development in Basic Cataloging and Advanced Cataloging. Each Certificate you achieve will demonstrate that you have attended MCLS workshops to expand your current skill set and to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. The MCLS Certificates of Library Staff Development are important credentials to assist you in promotions or job changes in the library field. Enhance your resume today with an MCLS Certificate of Library Staff Development!

MCLS Library Staff Development Certificates

The following is a list of MCLS Certificates and requirements for each. Only workshops taken after January 1, 2001, will qualify.

To apply, please print out the application form and mail or fax your completed form to Heather Ladiski. Please contact Heather if you have questions about completing the form or about eligibility for certification.

Basic Cataloging Certificate
Requirements: MARC: An Introduction, and four other MCLS workshops or special programs from the Cataloging category (see list below). Workshops or special programs must be taken within a three-year period.

Advanced Cataloging Certificate
Requirements: Basic Cataloging Certificate, plus four additional MCLS workshops or special programs (for a total of nine workshops or special programs) from the Cataloging category. The four additional workshops or special programs must be taken within a three-year period.

Cataloging Workshop List
The following MCLS workshops are counted toward the Cataloging Certificates. In addition, some MCLS special programs will be designated as eligible for the Cataloging Certificates.

Current MCLS workshops:

Workshops no longer offered by MCLS but past attendance counts towards certification:
For a current listing of workshops offered, go to MCLS's Workshop Calendar.