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Facts On File's critically acclaimed and award-winning electronic resources cover a wide range of content and subject matter, from pressing controversial issues and current and archival news to reference material that explores the areas of science, history, careers, literature, geography, health, and more. Engaging videos, comprehensive essays, original maps and charts, colorful images and diagrams, today's news, and more make these databases perfect for educators, students, and researchers seeking quality content and easy-to-navigate online tools.

Available Titles

African-American History Online  

features thousands of cross-referenced entries, covering the entire spectrum of African-American history.

American History Online  

spans more than 500 years of political, military, social, and cultural history. Thousands of biographies, subject entries, timeline entries, primary source documents, maps, and images cover the entire spectrum of the American experience.

American Indian History Online  

offers fast access to more than 500 Native American groups and more than 15,000 years of American Indian culture, history, and biographies.

American Women’s History Online  

contains biographies, historical and topical subject entries, primary source documents, maps and charts, photographs, and timeline entries covering more than 500 years of American women's history.

Ancient and Medieval History Online  

encompasses eight civilizations–ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, medieval Europe, the Americas, and ancient and medieval Asia.

Bloom's Literary Reference Online  

contains information on thousands of authors and their works, an archive of 38,000 characters, plus articles on topics and themes, a timeline, and a special feature on Harold Bloom's Western Literary Canon.

Curriculum Resource Center  

provides a library of printable teacher-handout material for the middle, high school, and junior college curriculum.

Curriculum Resource Center: Junior Edition  

provides a library of printable teacher-handout material geared toward elementary-level teachers and students.

Curriculum Video On Demand  

offers outstanding high-school-level content from Films for the Humanities & Sciences from producers such as ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, PBS, the BBC, National Geographic, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Bill Moyers Journal, Shopware, Cambridge Educational, and many more. Stream the 5,000-plus high-quality educational videos in this invaluable subscription directly to your desktop or display them in a classroom using a projector or interactive whiteboard. Videos span subject areas such as Business and Economics, Science and Mathematics, Visual and Performing Arts, and more. A sampling of CVOD's many features include easy, 24/7 access; superior video quality; and content that is correlated to the high school curriculum. Click here for an informative CVOD flyer. Also see YouTube and Teacher Tube videos featuring Curriculum Video On Demand.

eLearning Modules  

are a unique combination of Facts On File's multivolume print series with rich media, including high-quality educational videos, images, and support materials that were made specifically to align with that content. Students will find this online resource engaging and simple to use. Teachers, curriculum coordinators, and principals will appreciate the easy integration into traditional classroom learning and the wide assortment of invaluable support materials and teacher resources, including interactive activities, discussion and assessment questions, and printable handouts. eLearning Modules are perfect for classroom use and can be used with interactive whiteboards or projectors. Librarians will be able to offer their students and patrons quick access to homework and research help.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center  

provides detailed profiles of more than 3,300 jobs and 94 industries, invaluable advice on career skills, more than 51,000 resource entries, and much more!

Health Reference Center  

contains thousands of hyperlinked entries organized into four major categories: conditions and diseases, mental health, health and wellness, and body systems. It defines and provides clear information on the causes, cures, key research, medical terms, symptoms, and treatments and trends in each field of study.

Issues & Controversies  

analyzes and explains hundreds of controversial topics, in a language and format that students can understand. Probing the kinds of sizzling public policy issues on which opinions are more plentiful than objective coverage and accurate information, Issues & Controversies offers balance, clarity, and an overview of pros and cons that are key to building critical thinking skills. The annual National High School Debate Topic is given feature coverage. Online features include a complete back file to 1995, weekly updating, interviews with experts, statistical overviews, maps, charts, photos, newspaper editorials, cartoons, primary documents, a full education Resource Center, and extensive linking to related information in the other Facts On File News Services databases.

Issues & Controversies in American History  

makes U.S. history come alive by presenting contentious turning points of the past in all the ways they were viewed in their time. It leads students on in-depth explorations of the great issues in American History—from religious freedom in the colonies, Civil War Reconstruction, women's suffrage through the 2000 presidential election to the war in Iraq. This searchable and interlinked online subscription database delivers concise and balanced articles on the background, outcomes, and contemporary points of view for the major topics in the American History curriculum. Those articles are supplemented by a specially assembled collection of primary source documents, biographies, timelines, images, statistical charts, encyclopedia survey articles, and an education Resource Center that incorporates the content directly into the learning and teaching process.

Modern World History Online  

covers the people, places, and events in the broad expanse of history–from mid-15th century to the present.

Science Online  

contains extensive information on a broad range of scientific disciplines. The content is organized by subject area and type of resource, as well as by the National Science Education Standards.

Today's Science  

Students from middle school through college have turned to Today's Science since 1992 to find authoritative yet accessible information on the latest developments in science. Today's Science bridges the gap between textbooks and what's happening in science now. Articles, written in language students can understand, are detailed yet concise, and include background information and useful Internet resources and search terms, as well as suggestions for further reading. Today's Science features overview articles linked to detailed news coverage, extensive use of illustrations, editorial cartoons, an embedded glossary, thorough linking to other Facts On File News Services databases, biographies of scientists, and curriculum materials targeting multiple grade levels, including correlations to National Science Education standards. It's a great way for teachers and librarians, as well as students, to keep up with the latest developments in science.

U.S. Government Online  *NEW*  

is designed to facilitate the study of the structure, function, and history of the U.S. government. Focused and thorough in its coverage, this informative resource provides students and researchers alike with the tools they need to understand how the U.S. government works, who the key players are, and what its role is in the everyday lives of citizens.

World Geography and Culture Online  

World Geography and Culture Online enhances the study of countries, places, peoples, and geography concepts and skills. This comprehensive reference site makes it easy to study all aspects of a country, with facts at a glance and in-depth coverage. In addition, comprehensive entries about the U.S. states are also available. Ideal for social studies assignments and projects as well as for general country and U.S. state research.

World News Digest  

is the complete archive of this publication of record back to October 1940. World News Digest is linked to related content from the other Facts On File News Services databases. "Top Stories" timelines deliver, decade by decade, headlines linked to original coverage of top news stories from 1940 on. "Ahead In Time" and "Back In Time" links trace the thread of one story as it develops from week to week. Online-only features, such as Country Profiles, Key People, Key Events, and Key Issues — plus maps, charts, photos, primary documents, editorial cartoons, and a selection of newspaper editorials — round out and link to the information in the World News Digest, and place events in historical perspective. The educational Resource Center is packed with tips on using the database for learning and teaching. Library Journal has ranked Facts On File World News Digest among its top dozen reference "sources for the millennium." Since 1940, it has been the standard library resource for information on national and world events.

World Religions Online  

Facts On File’s new World Religions Online explores religion and spirituality in an objective manner, from the ceremonies of the first practitioners to the elaborate rituals of today. Ideal for research and study in the library and classroom, this user-friendly online resource features an easy-to-navigate interface, allowing users to browse core articles by religion. Topic Centers focus on the world’s major religions and traditional spiritual practices, such as Judaism and Native American religions, quickly guiding users to important topics, spiritual leaders, information on sacred texts, and holy days and festivals. A perfect starting point for research, these landing pages also feature a timeline and a fact file on each religion, as well as a video gallery, an image gallery, and a calendar of holidays and observances.

Writers Reference Center  

Learn strategies for writing essays about literature. This comprehensive reference site covers all parts of the writing process, from researching your topic and creating an outline, to writing strong introductions and properly citing sources.

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